Ellie’s Haven

Published May 20, 2016 by swanfreddie

We have just got back from a lovely family holiday. We’ve been staying at a wonderful place called Ellie’s Haven. They are a charity providing holidays to families caring for children with long term and life limiting illnesses. You can read more about Ellie’s Haven here – http://www.ellies-haven.org.uk/index.php

Dear Ellie’s Haven

Thank you.

13262130_10153448914247047_1486520109_oThank you for our holiday. Thank you for allowing us to do something I never thought we would be able to do. To be able to come on holiday with all 3 of my children and for it not be a disaster. Thank you for equipping your house out so well with all the equipment needed to care for children like Freddie. It made our holiday so much less stressful. It meant we didn’t have to worry about where Freddie would sleep safely or how we would manage him up the stairs or in the bath. Everything we needed to effectively manage Freddie’s ever growing needs was here.

Thank you for allowing us quality time together as a family. For allowing us to make precious memories. Memories that we will forever cherish. Thank you for giving my 3 children the chance to do what other families do, to have a holiday. The excitement and smiles on their faces as we entered your house was priceless.

13271975_10153448914187047_237792423_oThank you for the amazing sensory room we had access to. All of the children loved spending time in here, we all got to enjoy it together as a family. Thank you for then turning the sensory room into a cinema so we could watch a film together. A trip to the cinema is something we would never normally get to experience due to Freddie’s needs.

Thank you for making your garden wheelchair friendly. We spent a lot of time outside where all the children had fun. Freddie enjoyed being pushed around and was really happy as the wind blew through his hair.

Thank you for allowing us to escape the hardness everyday life can bring for us. To leave the stresses of hospital appointments and fights for appropriate care and equipment behind. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to leave our house, we often find Freddie’s needs leave us isolated and confined to our home. Thank you for giving us this freedom.

13230774_10153448914237047_495948355_oThank you to everyone at Ellie’s Haven for being so inspiring. Every day I looked at the photos on the wall of your two precious children, Thomas & Ellie, and felt so much respect for you. To have lost 2 of your children so young and to use your experience of this to create Ellie’s Haven is such an amazing thing to do.

Thank you for the memories, the smiles and the laughter. Thank you for Ellie’s Haven.

“A special place for special children”



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