Sensory Advent Calender

With only 8 days to go until December the 1st I will be spending this weekend getting prepped for Freddie’s sensory advent calender!
I’ve always found Christmas a particularly hard time with Freddie. His learning difficulties stop him from understanding Christmas. He’s unable to do the things a 3.5 year old should be able to do like get excited while decorating the tree, enjoy snuggling with a Christmas dvd or even unwrap his own presents. He has no idea who santa is and what he’s all about. But despite this we hated to leave Freddie out of the celebrations. We wanted him to have a magical Christmas just like all children deserve to have. So instead of sitting dwelling on the fact Freddie didn’t understand Christmas we decided to do something about it and that’s how the sensory advent calender was born.
So everyday from December the 1st to Christmas day Freddie will choose 1 item out of his sensory box to explore.
Last year he had fun playing with his Christmas teddies –
sensory calender 16

listening to his sister read him a story

sensory calender 13

and exploring a Christmas tree branch

sensory calender 21
And he also had some things that he was a bit unsure about like playing with a Christmas pudding
sensory calender 14

Or painting Christmas Cards(We won’t be doing that again this year!)
sensory calernder 11

We have been busy collecting lots of new things for Freddie to explore in this years box. All pictures from this years calender will be posted daily on Freddie’s ‘swanfreddie‘ facebook page and also hopefully on the swan uk(syndromes without a name)


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