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Published November 7, 2014 by swanfreddie

Freddie has a condition called Amblyopia, which means he has poor vision in one of his eyes. As Freddie’s left eye has a convergent squint (eye points towards the nose) his brain receives two very different images from his eyes that cannot be combined. This has caused the brain to ignore images from the squinting eye and rely solely on the right eye to see. As a result, the vision in the left eye has become very poor. To try and help the vision in Freddie’s left eye we have to patch up his good eye to encourage the brain to begin using the left one more. For over a year we have patched Freddie’s eye for short periods, of up to 10 minutes a day. Today we had an appointment with Freddie’s orthoptist and she has asked us to try and increase the amount of time Freddie wears the patch to 4 hours a day if Freddie will allow us to. This will continue everyday for the next 3-4 years. Without this amount of patching Freddie will eventually go blind in the left eye so it’s become very important that we try to find ways of getting Freddie to tolerate the patch for as long as we can. The patching will only help restore some of the vision in Freddie’s left eye and he will never fully be able to see out of it nor will it ever get rid of the turn in Freddie’s eye. Freddie’s limited understanding makes patching his eye very hard. We are unable to explain to him why we are covering his good eye and understandably he gets very distressed. He absolutely hates the patches being put on and I feel horrible pinning him down and making him so upset. But we are ultimately left with a choice between him being upset or letting him go blind in one eye. At the appointment we also discussed the possibility of operating on Freddie’s eye to bring it back to looking forward. But the operation will not improve the sight in Freddie’s eye and is purely cosmetic. The idea of putting Freddie through another operation for a cosmetic reason seems fairly pointless and we are happy with the way he looks. Over the next few weeks we will be gradually increasing the amount of time Freddie spends wearing his patch from 10 minutes to hopefully 4 hours, or as long as Freddie will tolerate. Today he has managed 20 minutes wearing it, I managed to distract him with some of his favourite books. image