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Meet Casper

Published August 24, 2014 by swanfreddie

Making the decision to have another child was fairly hard for us to do. With Freddie being undiagnosed we weren’t able to know if Freddie’s syndrome could be passed on to any of our other children we decided to have. After 4 years of having Freddie we did eventually decide to go ahead and have another baby. I spent a lot of the pregnancy anxious and worried over whether or not this child would be born with the same syndrome as Freddie.

Giving birth to our new baby took quite a bit of planning. With Freddie having quite high care needs, being partial tube fed and having a strict medicine schedule it meant we would need somebody to be fully trained in all aspects of Freddie’s care and be able to look after him for a few days while I was in hospital. Our nearest family live 5 hours away so in order for one of them to come down and care for Freddie for us we asked for a planned induction of labour. The consultant agreed to do this and I went into hospital to be induced on 19th August.
Freddie’s absolutely gorgeous brother Casper finally enentered the world weighing 7.13lb on 20th August.


When Freddie was born it was obvious that he had some health issues and had a lot of characteristic facial features of a child with a syndrome. So once Casper was born the first thing we did was make sure he didn’t have any of the signs Freddie was born with. We were hugely relieved when everything looked ok and we were finally able to enjoy having our baby.

Casper was breathing fairly strangely when he was born but the midwife’s seemed happy that it was ok and he just being a bit grumpy. But after a few hours the noise hadn’t stopped and he was reviewed by a paediatrician. She thought he seemed ok so he was left again for another few hours. After 5 hours the noises still hadn’t stopped and Casper did seem to be in a bit of discomfort so he was taken to the special care unit to be reviewed. And that is where he has stayed ever since.


When Casper arrived on the special care unit his sats were low so he was put onto oxygen to help with his breathing. He’s had a rough couple of days and has been in a lot of pain. He’s currently being treated for a punctured lung and is being kept as comfortable as possible with morphine. He does seem to have improved over the past 24 hours although is still needing a fair amount of respiratory help.


We have been assured that Casper will get better and his problems are in no way related to anything that Freddie has. Which is massively reassuringly for us, although we are still heartbroken that another one of our children has had a tough start to life. It’s very hard to know how we should be feeling at the minute, we are obviously upset that Casper is so poorly but at the same time feel we are lucky that he isn’t showing any signs of having a syndrome and he will get better, unlike Freddie, who is affected for life.

We are struggling to get to spend much time with Casper as Freddie won’t tolerate being in the special care unit as there are too many machine bleeping and babies crying so we are only able to spend less than an hour a day seeing him. Luckily he is being cared for amazingly well and we hope that he will get better very soon and we can get him home.
Freddie is unaware at the minute that he has a brother but hopefully by the end of the week Casper will be home and Freddie will get to meet him.