Freddies family

Freddie lives at his home with his mum, dad & older sister.

Freddies Mummy

Im Freddies 24 year old mummy. I was a stay at home mum to his older sister before Freddie was born. I am now Freddies full time carer.



Freddies Daddy

 Freddies dad is a 23 year old support worker for autistic adults.




Freddies Big Sister

 Freddies big sister is 2.5 years old. She adores her baby brother & loves nothing more than administering his medicines & milk down his tube or changing his nappy. She always brings him toys to play with when he cries & tries to comfort him. Despite that fact that Freddie takes up most of her mummy & daddys time with hospital appointments & therapy she still loves her brother    & never complains


6 comments on “Freddies family

  • I just wanted to say what a beautiful family you have~! Freddie is adorable, he has the sweetest most innocent smile. Our son is named Freddy! (kudos on the fanTASTIC name!) We have been through a rollercoaster as well…specialists, genetics, hospitals, tests… Our son is 14 months now, and we were lucky enough to get a diagnosis. He to is the light of our lives-the reason we strive each day to take it as it comes. From one mom to another, i just wanted to reach out and say what an incredible job you are doing…your Freddie looks very loved and so very cherished~*

  • I stumbled into this website without knowing, when I was searching online for a stroller for my son! And I must say your page brought a smile and also a tear in my eyes… You have such a lovely family. Freddie is such a lovely boy!! Adorable sister and lovely parents he has 🙂 I admire your strength and I am sure that little winning smile of Freddie is the source of it! It makes me realize how much I complain about little tiny things. Thanks for the strength you’ve passed on to me. Wishing that the family stays blessed always! xx

  • I just wanted to say hi! I am so glad I found your blog. My son has developmental delays as well… And wow can it be lonely and isolating. On another note, your family is adorable!

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