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Freddie’s Upsee!

Published July 3, 2014 by swanfreddie

Today was a very exciting day in our house! After 4 years we finally got to see Freddie walking (kind of). With a little bit of help from an amazing harness called the Upsee, Freddie has been walking around the garden and playing football!! Something we never knew if Freddie would ever be able to do.

It’s massively important that we make sure Freddie uses the muscles in his legs. With him not being able to stand or walk his muscles haven’t had the chance to develop as they should of. He has a standing frame to use at home but he doesn’t tolerate being in it very much so we were really keen to see if he would enjoy spending time in the Upsee.

Here he is in action! –

It was amazing being able to see him stand up and kick a ball. The best part for me was just to hold his hand while he was walking. As a parent it’s a great feeling when your child takes their first steps, I used to love holding Freddie’s sisters hand when she was learning to walk and being able to do this with Freddie was so special.

I’m hoping that using this walking aid will help strengthen Freddie’s legs and core muscles and that one day it will lead to him taking steps unaided!