Define Normal – Appointments

Published April 5, 2012 by swanfreddie

Having a child like Freddie with complex health needs means he sees alot of doctors. I did a blog post in Febraury that lists all his doctors/therapists. Seeing this many doctors means we spend alot of time at hospital or have people visiting us at home. Some weeks we will have 2/3 appointments, others only 1 & if we are really lucky none!
At first having so many appointments was totally overwheleming & draining. Spending hours down a hospital with two children under the age of 2 is hard work.  But now it’s just a normal part of our life. We do it with very little thought now. Theres no mad rush or panic anymore as we are so used to them. They can be hard to fit in sometimes as they have to be on a day that my partner is off work so most of his days off are spent in the hospital.  But it’s just sometimes we do.
This week we had our first joint physio & ot appointment. We normally see them separately every 2 weeks. They have made the decision to try & do joint visits to help us have less appointments & enable them to work together towards similiar goals. The appointment went very well.I can’t tell you enough how proud I am of Freddie. He’s doing such an amazing job. It bought a tear to my eye watching him during the session. Hes beginning to show the normal patterns of movement that the physio wants to see & ot can see a definate improvement in his hand use.

Our 2nd appointment of the week was with the diatician. Freddies weight has took a big leap up the charts & is now on the 50th percentile! Which is fantastic as a year ago we we struggling around the 0.4th. The aim now is to get Freddie onto 3 meals a day & try to lower his milk intake. He will continue to have a night feed to keep his calories up but will drop some of his afternoon milk & have a puree meal instead.

Taking Evie with us on appointments can be tough at times. Spending hours in a hospital for any child is bound to be boring. Shes had some good tantrums during our appointments. We were in a meeting with about 18 doctors & Evie decided this would be the perfect time to have a major tantrum! She has good timing! She also gives us plenty of laughs. At our last appointment with our paediatrician she left the room to go to the toilet. When she came back she announced to the room that she had just done “A MASSIVE POO!”

Theres so much positive news coming from our appointments at the minute. Instead of coming out feeling down i’m actually coming out feeling really positive.

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4 comments on “Define Normal – Appointments

  • I so know what you’re dealing with taking an older sibling to appointments. I try to arrange stuff for when Bea is at nursery, but not always possible. She was good as gold when we saw the geneticist this week but a complete tantruming, screeching nightmare when the physio came yesterday. Argh, three year olds!

  • I had to smile at the massive poo! I remember my daughter being very vocal about the whole families toilet habits at a similar age! It’s great to hear how well Freddie’s doing. Thanks for sharing

  • My older two are generally left at home as they are completely unphased by the doctors and interrupt them all the time. I love the picture of him standing, he seems so stable and puts Dominic to shame!

    I always think you can tell a frequent flyer in the hospital as they are the ones who sit at the appointments by themselves, at least that’s what I tell myself when i’m the only person there with no ‘other half’ to accompany them. You just can’t hold down a job and go to as many appointments as we attend. Hence the fact I write a blog instead of getting paid to do something!

    Thanks so much for sharing this x

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