School Update

Published October 14, 2013 by swanfreddie

A quick update on how Freddie is doing at school –

Freddie has been going to school for 4 weeks now. He is doing 2 hours on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons. Freddie’s school is quite a distance from our house so he gets picked up by a taxi and an escort and they take him to school and drop him home afterwards. 
Here is Freddie on his 1st day of school waiting to be collected by his taxi –20130916_115545
20130917_155018Freddie has been a bit of a monkey on the way to school so has been banned from sitting next to any other children in the taxi! When sat next to another little boy he spent the whole 30 minute journey to school pulling on the child’s clothes and trying to grab his hair.(typical Freddie) His poor escort had to spend the whole journey trying to get Freddie to keep his hands to himself. 

At school Freddie’s been very busy. He’s spent alot of time in the sensory room,(his favourite place) he’s been busy looking at his reflection in the mirrors and painting. His teacher wrote in his ‘home to school’ diary that rather than painting “Freddie especially liked throwing the brush across the table!”  
It would seem Freddie’s favorite thing to do though is explore. His teacher wrote that “Freddie seems to have travelled many miles around the classroom this afternoon! He should be tired” He definitely is tired when he comes home, this is what Freddie tends to look like after school –20130918_16185320130924_154106
Freddie has some goals that have been set by his school for him to work on. Freddie’s first goal is for him to learn to take turns with an adult. This is done by an adult rolling a ball with Freddie and Freddie learning to roll it back. Freddie has to do this 10 times in a row for him to meet his goal.
The second goal is for Freddie to choose between 2 items by reaching out and touching what one he wants. This is done by Freddie being shown 2 items and he has to touch his preferred item. Once Freddie does this consistently his goal will be met. 

Freddie seems to be really enjoying school and i’m really pleased at how quickly he has settled in. I wasn’t sure how i’d feel sending Freddie to a special needs school but it’s been amazing for him so far.


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