Freddie starts school

Published July 26, 2013 by swanfreddie

On the 16th September at 1pm Freddie will be starting pre school! He will be attending a small child development center for children with long term severe/complex needs.

The schooling process for a child with additional needs is massively different from a child who can attend the local primary school. Evie was very simple to sort, we viewed a school, applied for a place and she was accepted. Now we just need to buy her uniform and decide whether she will have a Disney Princess or Hello Kitty lunch box (a tough decision for a 4 year old girl) With Freddie there is so much more to sort. To secure a place at a special needs school requires lots of meetings and assessments to determine whether they can meet his needs. Plans need to be made over his care and decisions have to be made over what level of support he needs. He has to be assessed to see what equipment he requires at school and we have to discuss how and what Freddie will be fed. Decisions will be made over his medications and use of his gastrostomy tube. We have to discuss his communication issues and they have to be fully aware of Freddie’s likes and dislikes as Freddie has no voice to communicate this.
Freddie’s school is quite a trek from our house so Freddie will be picked up by specialist transport and driven the 30 minutes there and back. I do feel slightly disappointed that I won’t be able to walk Freddie to school as I will with Evie and help him settle in and make sure hes ok. But with 2 children both going to different schools it’s impossible to be able to be with both at the same time.

I do feel some sadness with Freddie going to a school for children with additional needs, I would of loved him to of been joining Evie at the local Primary school but I know a specialist school is the right place for Freddie and I fully expect him to thrive there. I’m very excited to see how much he progresses.

There is one very important decision to be made before Freddie starts school. Do we cut his hair to make him look like a smart schoolboy or carry on growing the unruly curls and continue with the cornish surfer look!


freddie hair2freddie hair





One comment on “Freddie starts school

  • Good luck with all the meetings and such. I know from our experience that just when you think you have a handle on dealing with everything you have to with the medical field, along comes school and a whole bunch more craziness ensues but you guys will be great and I’m sure that Freddie will do so well at school.

    and for what it’s worth, I vote for the curls and Cornish surfer look.

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