Sensory advent calender

Published November 19, 2012 by swanfreddie

I’ve always loved Christmas, it’s my favourite time of the year. I love putting up the Christmas tree, wrapping presents, eating good food and having a hot chocolate with a good Christmas dvd. What’s there not to love about it!
This year though i’m having mixed feelings over it. I still love all the festivities and getting Evie all excited for Santa but this seems like the first year when Freddies learning disabilities have made me feel a bit down.
His first Christmas he was only 6 months so obviously was clueless it was Christmas, his 2nd Christmas he was 18 months so again can be forgiven for not really understanding it but this year is the year he should be understanding. At 2.5 years old he should be getting all excited like Evie, picking what advent calender he wants & helping us buy new decorations for the tree.
I’d love more than anything for Freddie to come down on Christmas morning & rip the paper off his presents and squeal with excitement over his new toy car or be desperate to eat all the chocolate hes been given. But this won’t happen, he has no understanding of what a present is and it will just be another day for him.
We haven’t been able to go to the local shops and fill our trolley full of boys toys for Freddie, instead we have carefully selected toys from a special needs website that we hope will be appropriate for Freddie & can only buy a few due to how expensive they are.
Birthdays and Christmases always seem like the hardest of times, like a reminder of what we are missing.

I hate leaving Freddie out of the build up to Christmas and try to involve him in every way we can whether he understands or not. So when i bought Evies advent calender this year & felt that bit of saddness at not being able to purchase 2 i went home & started making Freddie his own sensory calender so he too could have something every morning like Evie will have.

It was something I did last year for him but never had much time to do it properly so this year I started early and he now has a box full of 24 different Christmas items. Most of the things are decorations we already had so it never really cost much to make. All of the items are things to look at, feel, smell and get messy with.
We have –

Jingle bells
Fake snow
A santa ball
Christmas pudding to do messy play with
Pine cones
A Christmas teddybear
A Christmas tree branch
A soft Christmas book
A Christmas book with sounds
Flashing Christmas lights
A dancing penguin
Christmas bows
Shiney Christmas wrapping paper
Mince pies to do messy play with
Christmas Beads
Christmas paper chains(made by Evie)
Orange Pomander
Cinnamon Sticks
Snow globe
Light up snowman
Christmas tree shaped decoration with bells on
Paint and glitter to make Christmas cards

Hopefully he will like looking, feeling and smelling all the items and we can help build his understanding of Christmas time.


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