The many faces of a food aversion

Published October 8, 2012 by swanfreddie

When Freddie sees and touches different foods they tend to make him retch, particularly solid food. To try and help overcome his food aversion I have been giving Freddie lots of different foods to touch & have a mess around with in the hope that in time it may help him over come his aversion.
There was lots of mess(particularly on my cream curtains) lots of retching & lots of funny face pulling but towards the end Freddie tolerated playing with the food really well.

We started with Jelly –

Next up was apple puree with raisins –

Then there was gloop –

Next was cake –

Lastly was pasta –

He may not be overly keen on putting the food in his mouth & whilst there was lots of retching, I think judging by this face at the end it was quite fun –

A bath was definitely need –


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