Swan funday

Published August 21, 2012 by swanfreddie

On Sunday we attended the 1st Swan fun day. It was held at Thames Valley Adventure Playground which is a center for children and adults with all types of special needs.

For just over a year now Swan UK has been our main source of support with Freddie. I’ve said before on my blog how much being part of swan means to me so when we had the chance to go to the 1st swan fun day I was very excited to be able to attend & finally meet some of the lovely parents I speak to on a daily basis and be able to see all the fantastic swan children who I hear so much about.
The fun day turned out to be a great. Freddie was in a very friendly mood & was very happy sat in his chair waving at people. Evie enjoyed all the activities available to her & had a good play with some of the other swan siblings. It was so nice to be around people who understand you & be able to talk so openly about your child. To not feel out of place doing tube feeding or by having a child who doesn’t walk or talk.

Time went very fast & unfortunately I didn’t get chance to speak to everyone properly but I did have some lovely conversations with lots of the families. I was so excited to finally be able to meet in person some of the swan mummies who I have been speaking to for over a year who have offered me so much advice & who have always been there when I needed them.
I sat & discussed all things swan related with a lovely family over lunch. It was so nice to be able to have a conversation where both families are on similar journeys. I also had discussions with families about equipment & respite, things that are hard to talk to other people about but something that was so natural to discuss with swan families. Everything was so relaxed & it was nice to just be able to be yourself & fit in. To not feel the odd one out.
One of the highlights on my day was being able to try Freddie on one of the fantastic Tomcat Trikes. Freddie was a little bit sleepy & very hot so there were a few tears on it but we are very excited to hopefully be able to get Freddie one of these trikes to use at home.
Seeing lots of the other swans on their trikes was a lovely experience too. The trikes are amazing and give so many disabled children who may not be able to have a standard shop bought bike the chance to have their very own custom made bike. Something every child deserves the chance to have.

Overall we had a fantastic day & we are very grateful to Swan UK for organizing it & giving Freddie the chance to meet some of his fellow swan friends, for giving me & my husband the chance to talk to other families who understand us & giving Evie the chance to just have fun with all the other siblings. We left the playground all feel very happy & lucky to be part of a great group. Already looking forward to the next Swan UK meet.


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