What a difference a chair makes

Published August 3, 2012 by swanfreddie

We had been waiting  for a few months for Freddies r82 panda chair to be delivered & it finally came last week.

Freddie is able to sit unaided but needs constant supervision when doing so. His danger awareness is very low so is more than happy to just throw himself backwards from sitting & hit his head on the floor. This was making it very hard for me to do any jobs when Freddie was awake such as making lunch or preparing Freddies meds. Freddie also sits with his back very curved so the chair is needed to help maintain a good posture for Freddie. The chair is on wheels which will allow me to get Freddie around the house without me having to carry him & stop me damaging my back.

I am so pleased with the chair it is fantastic! It has made life alot easier. The height is adjustable, the chair can be tilted backwards & it has a play tray.I have always struggled with being able to cook a decent family meal as it was too hard to juggle cooking & ensuring Fredie was safe but thanks to the chair I was able to cook the first Sunday dinner we have had in a long time. I have made cakes with Evie while Freddie sat in his chair watching us, I’ve sat & had a cup of tea while Freddie was sat safely playing in his chair, I’m now able wash up & tidy the kitchen while Freddie is sat happy & content in the kitchen with me, it really has made life alot easier. Simple tasks that were made so much harder while caring for Freddie have now become more doable.

I’ve heard so many families struggle to get appropraite equipment for their children but it really is so important. Not only to help the child develop & be comfortable but to help the parents. Our new chair has given us a little bit of normality back & has taken some of our stresses away.


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