Hand Surgery

Published July 10, 2012 by swanfreddie

Freddie had his hand surgery yesterday. The operation was only suppose to be a quick 10 minute procedure where they would cut some skin on Freddies thumb then it would be put in a splint to try & stretch it out a bit. I did a post about it a few weeks back that you can read here which explains a bit more about Freddie’s thumb & the operation.

We met the consultant when we arrived at hospital  & he said the thumb was worse than what they were expecting(not sure how as he was the man who we last saw who put us forward for surgery) and said they are not sure if they can do what they originally planned to do but he would know more once he was in theatre.
So we went on the usual walk down to theatre, had cuddles & kisses & watched his eyes slowly close as the gas sent him to sleep. I said my goodbyes and left him in the hands of the surgeons.
Then I went off to the hospital cafe where I had a cup of tea & sat fretting  about what was going on.
30 minutes later we were told to wait in the parents room until we are called to go & collect Freddie. The waiting was very hard & alot of horrible things run through your mind. Luckily everything went to plan & 1.5 hours later we finally got called by the nurse to go to the recovery room to collect Freddie.
He was fast asleep all tucked up on his bed. It was explained to us that they hadn’t done what was planned & instead they had loosened the skin on his thumb by doing z shaped cuts all the way up it. In the future he will need the joint of the thumb looking at which will mean another operation.
Freddie is now in a cast from his fingers to his elbow with his thumb tucked in side to keep it out of harms way. This will stay on for 2 weeks then we are back in hospital to get that removed & replace with a splint.
I’m not exactly sure what to expect from the thumb. I’m not sure if it’s been released enough for him to be able to lift it off the palm of his hand yet or if this is what the 2nd operation will be for. We shall see in a few weeks when the cast comes off.
One thing I must say is how incredibly brave Freddie was. He did have a bit of a meltdown coming round from the anaethetic but he was being poked & prodded & having machines attached to him and his canula removed so i don’t think he can be blamed for being a bit grumpy.
Once home he was soon full of smiles & you wouldn’t of guess he had even had anything done.


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