Speech & Language – Home Visit 4/6

Published June 29, 2012 by swanfreddie

This week was quite a short  session where we were expanding on the ‘What is in the bag’ game.

We sang the song as usual but instead of allowing Freddie to pick his own item out of the bag I picked 2 items out for him. I showed them both to him & held them in front of him in seperate hands to allow him to choose which toy he prefered. Freddie was very good at making a choice & everytime was able to show me which toy he wanted to play with.
The idea is to try & expand this in every life as well. Instead of just giving Freddie a toy to play with give him a choice “Would you prefer this toy Freddie or that toy?” When he is able to eat a more varied diet of solid foods it could be a choice between an apple or a banana or even with silly things like what socks would he like to wear out of this pair or that pair.

We also sang some more nursery rhymes to Freddie – Incy Wincy Spider & Hickory Dickory Dock.  But there was still no improvement with Freddies concentration levels during singing & no realisation that we were pausing during the song. But in time i’m sure it will come.

Next week it’s messy play!


3 comments on “Speech & Language – Home Visit 4/6

  • I love that Freddie’s making these choices, what a great way too encourage him to share his preferences. Really looking forward to hearing about messy play next week!

  • Choices are good, I use photos of J’s toys etc., which I have printed postcard size and laminated. I then put a couple of them in front of her and ask her to choose what she wants to play with next. I also have photos of the family (including herself) and ask her to find Mummy etc., she is quite good at that. I love messy play, looking forward to that post too! x

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