Secret physio

Published June 27, 2012 by swanfreddie

Doing regular physio everyday can become a bit of a chore. So today we decided to do some secret physio. Something less structured and a bit more fun. We headed down to the park to use the swings.

Freddie much preferes the lay down swings, they make him giggle.

But as we are trying to work hard on his sitting up skills we thought a little practise on the sit up swing may help. He seems to have taken a step back slightly & is very wobbly when sitting but did very well sitting up at the park for a few minutes.


9 comments on “Secret physio

  • another great post hun. I always found the best therapy whether it was physio, s&l or visual was when we made things a game or play activity. Always got the best results. Keep up the great work, Freddie has come on amazingly since we first started talking xxx

  • He looks like he is really enjoying his time at the park. It is fab to see our SWANs enjoying themselves and if we can sneak in some beneficial activities while we do it all the better!
    I might have to think of some to use with my daughter!

  • A lovely post.Physio can be quite boring to a child and quite demanding upon them, I think anything that can be made into a game is much better and often gets better results. Its lovely to see him enjoying the swing. x

    • Yes i agree, Freddie gets very upset during his structured physio sessions & doesn’t enjoy them at all. It was nice to just be able to enjoy ourselves while secretly knowing hes working very hard to stay upright in the swing.

  • Way to go Freddie 🙂

    I love the name “secret physio”, I did that for years but never thought up a good name for it! Lexi always hated doing his “exercises”, but would be happy to join in a game. Often the whole family joined in. He’s much more inclined to do the exercises now (at 10 he sees the benefit) but we still try and make them fun. Luckily his OT is really good at suggesting exercises that are games.

    • Thank you. I always find when i’m at home during structured physio exercises Evie gets left out and bored while Freddie has my whole attention but going to the park she had fun too, a nice family activity.

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