Speech & Language – Home Visit 3/6

Published June 25, 2012 by swanfreddie

This weeks session we focused on nursery rhymes.

The idea of the 1st activity is to pick a nursery rhyme & the same one is sang 3 times. The 1st & 2nd time it is sang in full all the way through but the 3rd time the song is stopped at certain points to see if Freddie will understand that the song has paused & be able to indicate that he wants the song to continue, by using eye contact or showing excitement or even frustration.

The therapist started with ‘twinkle twinkle little star.’ She had a little finger puppet of a star that was used to try and gain Freddie’s attention during the nursery rhyme. Doing this game with Freddie was a big struggle. He lacks the attention span needed to concentrate on the activity and he kept falling backwards from his sitting position.
We used other songs too, ‘baa baa black sheep’ and ‘row row row the boat.’ We found Freddie was able to concentrate more on the ‘row the boat’ song, possibly as it involves skin contact & movement for him. Hopefully the more this activity is done with Freddie the more familiar he will become with the songs and will help increase his attention span and concentration.
As we would need our own puppets to use with the rhymes I got Evie to help me make some. It was a really nice way to allow her to feel included in Freddies therapy.

Our next activity we were going to use a space blanket. It was folded up so it was big enough for two people to be able to hold. We placed the blanket on the floor by Freddie, with the speech therapist holding 2 corners and me holding the other 2. We raised the blanket in the air whilst saying “up, up, up, up” then we held the blanket in the air and waited to see if Freddie acknowledged it was there. After a few seconds he did glance up and whilst saying “down, down, down down” we bought the blanket back down. We repeated this a few times and one time Freddie even reached a hand up to try and pull the blanket down. The idea of this game is to try and teach Freddie the difference between up and down and encourage him in his own way to ask for the blanket to come down.

The plan until our next visit is to encourage Freddie to concentrate more on the activities. Also to try and encourage him to communicate what he wants with whatever method he finds easier – pulling the blanket down or glancing up to it.


One comment on “Speech & Language – Home Visit 3/6

  • So lovely to be able to involve Evie too… I bet she knows all the nursery rhymes as well. Bea loves to help Lawrence with his playing, and often he has to suffer a forced rendition of ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’, ‘Crinkle Crinkle Little Star’, or ‘Baa Baa Pink Sheep’…
    p.s. in the absence of our own SALT I am totally going to steal your therapy ideas xx

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