Our secret weapon?

Published June 14, 2012 by swanfreddie

For a long time now Freddies physiotherapist has been working hard to try and get Freddie to play on his tummy and to spend time in a supported standing position. Freddie isn’t keen on either of these postions. We have tried every piece of equipment available but with no real results.
Ever since Freddie was a baby he refused to go on his tummy. He would cry & struggle. It’s been suggested that the reason he may dislike this position is that it could make his reflux feel worse or his tummy button may feel uncomfortable. Now hes a big, strong 2 year old it’s impossible to push him to stay in that position. As soon as we put him in this position he pushes back out of it or even stops himself going into the position full stop.

Standing we have seen marginally better results. We initially tried a standing frame but he was only tolerating it for a few minutes and even then he wasn’t happy about it so we then tried supported standing at the sofa. The problem with this is that he is getting a very big and heavy boy so it’s hard to support him and he is very unpredictable. His knees give way with no warning or he will just lean over to the side and allow himself to fall, he is being held the whole time hes standing so he comes to no danger but the bigger he gets the harder it is to hold him without injuring my own back.

Wednesday was our first physio appointment since Freddie turned 2. I mentioned to Freddies phyio that he got an ipad for his birthday & we were talking about how much he loves it & how much he concentrates on it. So we decided to try & incorporate this in our exercises.
We put the ipad on the floor and laid Freddie on his foam wedge and allowed him to play. He tolerated this position for much longer than normal as he was so busy watching the ipad screen. He was there for a good minute, which is great for Freddie. Next we put the ipad on the sofa and held him in a supported standing position and allowed him to play. He managed to stand for much bigger periods, again up to about a minute.
We are now going to try reintroduce a standing frame to Freddie with a play tray so he can stand and play on his ipad and also carry on using the foam wedge to prop Freddie on his tummy while playing with his ipad.
I knew the ipad would come in handy for us but i had no idea it could actually go as far as aiding him in his physical abilities. I’m really hoping it could be our secret weapon in getting Freddie ready for crawling and maybe even walking.

Check out how ipads are helping another little boy similar to Freddie here.


5 comments on “Our secret weapon?

  • Brilliant! iPads are a wonderful thing. Lawrence is also an Apple fan. I often put Peppa Pig on my Macbook and get Bea to lie on her tummy on the floor next to him and the two of them will watch. Keeps Lawrence there for ages, otherwise he just rolls onto his back. Haven’t tried it at the sofa yet, but should do. We’re having the same trouble with getting Lawrence to stay in a supported stand. Standing at the sofa for a minute is brilliant Freddie! xx

  • What a brilliant idea, we have just brought one so will see if it keeps Pheobe on her tummy!!! She is just like Freddie at the moment she’s just turned 2 and hates tummy time and won’t tollerate standing for very long she just lifts her legs up and refuses to put them on the floor!!! xx

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