Feelgood Friday

Published May 18, 2012 by swanfreddie

My Feelgood Friday this week feels a bit of a strange one. I really want to write about something amazing Freddie has done but we haven’t had a great week.

Freddie has just had a physio session, it went ok, not great but at the same time it wasn’t bad. Freddie is a very strong little boy and the physical problems we face with Freddie is getting him to realise what he is supposed to do.
We are working very hard with the physio to get Freddie to spend more time on his tummy but as Freddie prefers laying on his back it’s proving very difficult. We have tried everything we can possibly think of to get Freddie onto his tummy but he just wants to turn back over. But we will keep persisting with it until Freddie finally understands what we want from him & hopefully in  the future teach him to crawl.
We are also working on trying to get Freddie to stand with support. Again the hard part is getting Freddie to understand what we want him to do.

For now crawling and walking are along way off. I’ve mention to the physio & ot that i’m struggling with getting Freddie around the house. Hes very heavy and it isn’t doing my back any good by carrying him around all day. He has no danger awareness so he can’t be left in a room alone for long periods so where ever I go I carry Freddie with me. Freddie doesn’t like being held & is very wriggly so it’s very hard to safely carry him anywhere. We have a corner seat chair which was a great, safe place to strap him in when he was smaller but hes getting too big for it now & it’s very hard to lift him out of it without straining my back.

It was mention that we could maybe look into getting a Panda chair for Freddie and today physio agreed that there is definitely a big need for Freddie to have an indoor chair on wheels now.

When Freddie started sitting unaided I thought he would soon be crawling & walking but unfortunatly it’s not gone the way we expected. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit disappointed to have to need a chair like this but I know it’s for the best.

So this weeks Feelgood Friday is that my back will soon get a break, I will be able to start cooking proper meals knowing that Freddie is safely sat in a chair in the kitchen with me and we got the equipment we require without a fight or a fuss.


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