Big Toddle

Published May 7, 2012 by swanfreddie

Last year Evie & Freddie took part in Barnados big toddle. We had a fab day. The dress up theme was animals so Evie went as a lion & Freddie a dinosaur. We managed to raised £200 for Barnados.
We are planning on doing it again this year on the 4th July at Chester Zoo.

This year I feel a bit more spurred on to raise more money than last year. Not that I don’t think Barnados is an amazing charity I just think that when you raise money for something that is close to your heart it makes you more determined.
Barnados allows you to donate 25% of the money you raise to another charity. So we have decided to donated 25% of our money to SWAN UK(Syndromes without a name)

I’ve spoken before on my blog at how much Swan has done for me and my family. I found Swan on facebook in 2011 & it was finally a place where we belonged. There were people who understood us & offered us advice. Without them i’m really not convinced i’d have managed to cope with everything as well as I have done. I’ve met some amazing families who I speak to on a daily basis, who have some equally amazing children. The money raised will go along way in ensuring this amazing charity is kept open & help it grow evening bigger.

It’s very easy to sponsor my two lovely children. Just click the link below & follow the instructions

Thank you 🙂


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