Feelgood Friday

Published May 4, 2012 by swanfreddie

I’ve been struggling to think of anything to share for this weeks Feelgood Friday.
It’s not been a great week. We are all full of cold and Freddies jerking has been really bad since the weekend. But I really want to particapate in sharing something that’s positive in our lifes. Something to make the bad seem a bit better. But what?

Then I thought of one obvious thing that never fails to make me feel good. It needs no explanation.

Feel Good Friday – is a weekly celebration of the achievements of our Swan Children (Syndromes without a name).  It’s a lovely way to ensure that we always look at the positives, no matter how difficult the week has been. To read another Feelgood Friday post pop over to Little Mamma saids blog. It’s an fantastic Feelgood Friday post!


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