Our lovely pushchair breaks

Published May 3, 2012 by swanfreddie

I did a post yesterday about the possible need for specialist equipment in the home as Freddie grows. It was quite frightening to think about it. But one thing I didn’t consider and is even more frightening to think about is what would happen if this equipement breaks.
I spent most of last week raving about Freddies new pushchair. But after a week it’s broken. Infact I think it was broken the day we took it home. The wheelchair centre lady seemed to think it was ok, but the more I have used it the more I have realised that one side of the chair isn’t locking into place.
I rang the wheelchair services on Tuesday to report the fault & they came out today to take a look. It turns out the chair has a twisted frame & they are normally pretty tricky to fix so he thinks we may need a new one.
So we are without Freddies chair for the time being. I have to wait for a phone call to tell me what they are going to do. So we either don’t leave the house until it’s sorted or go back to the old pushchair. We coped with the old pushchair for long enough so i’m sure a few weeks more won’t hurt but if we were a few years down the line & the pushchair broke then i’m not sure what we would do.
It seems so unfair that Freddie now has to sit slumped in his old pushchair but we don’t really have a choice. I feel like i’ve let him down a bit but everything is taken out of my hands now and that is what i really hate. We have to rely on other people to give us the equipment we need. If Evies pushchair had broken as a baby it wouldn’t be too hard to get a replacement. But for Freddie it’s just not that simple. It’s now a waiting game.


2 comments on “Our lovely pushchair breaks

  • So sorry to hear that the chair is faulty, I know this must be very disappointing for you as you were so happy to have it. I think the person at the wheelchair centre who said it was o.k. should definately have more training! Hope you get something positive sorted soon x

  • Don’t feel like you’re letting him down. It’s slow and frustrating, and frightening when you’re without what you need, but you’re fighting for Freddie and making sure he gets whatever he needs and soon as possible. (((hugs)))

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