A glimpse into the future?

Published May 2, 2012 by swanfreddie

I took Freddie shopping today. I’m pretty sure it’s the first time me and Freddie have ever done this together and It was actually quite nice to be just the two of us. It was different, very peaceful.
At one point I needed the toilet & with Freddie being in his pushchair I had to go in the disabled one as I couldn’t fit Freddie through the door of the female toilet. I’ve never really paid much attention to toilets before. A toilets a toilet. But it did get me questioning the future a bit.

This disabled toilet had everything I assumed a disabled person would need. The toilet was low, the sink was low & the hand dryer was low and there were plenty of handrails. So that’s everything a disabled person would need right? But what about the people who are still in nappies and are unable to walk to the toilet? Who need to be laid down to be changed, What are they supposed to do? For now Freddie is ok on a regular baby changing station. But a year or so down the line hes going to be too big & too heavy to lift. So what then? He stays in a dirty nappy until we get home or I change him on a toilet floor?

This really got me thinking about other parts of our life and as I walked around the shops my mind was busy thinking of the future. Freddies not going to be walking any time soon. The doctors aren’t sure either way what he will do. We remain hopeful but the big problem is whether or not his brain will allow him to walk. So in the not so distant future are adaptions going to be needed in our house?

Freddie’s a fairly good size, which considering all the weight problems he had as a baby is fabulous. But lifting a heavy child into a cot everynight isn’t easy. Theres no cooperation from Freddie so it is like lifting a dead weight. Which is fine for now, it’s manageable but in a year or twos time doing this everyday isn’t going to be good for my back. Also he will eventually outgrow his cot and will need something similar but designed for older children.
Another issue would be the car. It’s the same problem really. The more Freddie grows, the heavier he gets & the more we struggle. I managed fine putting Evie in the car when she was 2 but it’s very different when there is no cooperation from the child. Bath time will be the same. There is only so long it is manageable and safe to lift a child like Freddie in and out of the bath.
Another issue that me & partner have discussed is the need for Freddie to have a bedroom downstairs. For now hes fine upstairs, I manage to carry him up but in the future will he need to be downstairs? We are lucky in the fact that we do have small bedroom downstairs but it is very small and very cold. If he was going to remain permanently downstairs then there would also need to be a bathroom fitted somewhere that he could access.

My mind did wonder quite abit in to the future. It was a bit scary. I questioned alot. Would we need a hoist to allow us to safely put Freddie in the bath? Would we need a new car that would allow us to get Freddie in and out easier? Would we need to do renovations to the home? Would we need more specialist equipment like a safe place for Freddie to sleep once he outgrows his cot? Will I one day be changing Freddies nappy on my hands & knees on a disabled toilet floor? Please no…


3 comments on “A glimpse into the future?

  • I could have written the exact same post hun xx Like you now that Izzy is two and sounds very much like Freddie the future is always on mind and like you I find myself wondering…. hugs xxx

  • Another thought provoking and moving post capturing the mood that I think everyone in a similar position feels at some point. I too get times when ‘reality hits’ and if the ‘plateau’ the Drs kept talking about has now been reached with my Granddaughter, I also know her Mum must feel this too and I worry about what the future holds and feel so guilty as this is not the future I had envisaged for my Daughter or her family. These feelings are natural I suppose,we are human and in true human fashion we pick ourselves up and carry on because of the love we have for our families we will always be there for them. xx

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