Published April 29, 2012 by swanfreddie

When you become a parent to a child like Freddie you have to change your outlook on things.
My son makes his own rules. He doesn’t follow the milestones that are expected of him. The emails I get from baby websites instantly get deleted, They are not worth reading because clearly Freddie won’t be doing what he should.
But you you have 2 choices really. Sit and cry and be depressed over the whole situation(which sometime I do but try very hard to stay positive) or you stand back and look at things differently. Look at the bigger picture. Find the things to celebrate. Sometimes you do really have to look hard but they are there.

When Freddie was a tiny baby I used to do tummy time with him. He just used to lay there and chill. I suppose like any baby would do.
But as he got older he tolerated it less and less. Freddie struggled to lift his head & couldn’t breath very well in that position. I don’t think the reflux & the gastrostomy helped much either. But with help from the physio, we are now getting pretty confident on our tummy. Freddies managing a good 10 seconds there now and he is even lifting his head enough to be able to have a little look around.

That to me is a huge step for Freddie! Definitely worth celebrating!

This post is part of the Celebrate Blogging Challenge over on trickycustomers blog. Do pop over & join in.


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