My not so stereotypically perfect family

Published April 28, 2012 by swanfreddie

I’m sure i’m not the only person who before having children had images in their head of being the perfect family? For obvious reasons this didn’t quite go to plan. But in all honesty I doubt it does for anybody.

This was going to be me. Making cakes while my husband went out to work. My children dressed in lovely smart clothes. Having proper homecooked family meals every evening & a toast rack on the table every morning. Seriously i’m not even close to this.

I’ve not had a proper homecooked meal for a long time. I have no time for such things. Most mornings I replace breakfast with a cup of tea. Seeing as my washing & ironing piles are so out of control my children tend not wear smart clothes, just whatever is left at the bottom of their drawers. I don’t bake cakes, unless it’s a special occasion. The last cake I baked was for Evies birthday, I had to wait till the children were in bed so I had some spare time to fit it in whilst juggling preparing night feeds & meds.
I had images of us having fun days out or we would stay home doing fun activities. Obviously I expected a couple of squabbles between them but then they would kiss & make up & go to playing nicely together.  We don’t do many fun days or activities. Firstly because theres not time & secondly because finding an activity or day out to suit both Evie & Freddie is near impossible. If we are not doing meds, physio or his feeding routine Freddies normally in bed sleeping & I can be found flopped on the sofa recovering from the mayhem.
This morning we were a far cry from this ideology of perfection. I was  rudely awoken this morning to Freddie screaming. I tried to ignore him for a few minutes in the hope he would go back to sleep…he never. So I got him up…which then woke Evie & we all ended up downstairs. I fed Freddie whilst drinking my tea, Evie fed herself & Andy sat on his phone while eating his breakfast. Next I raided the childrens wardrobes for clothes…infact I went to the trampoline in the playroom for Freddies clothes as his wardrobe still has been put together so his clothes are messily shoved piled neatly on there. I dressed Freddie & after a bit of a battle Evie finally dressed herself. Andy had a shower while I minded Freddie. I had a shower while Andy minded Freddie. We then decided to go for a walk. But our lovely new pushchair decided to be a total pain. The footrest got stuck so the pushchair wouldn’t fully open. We eventually sorted that, but then the straps weren’t right, so we sorted that & then the seat cushion wasn’t right, so we sorted that then the pushchair frame wasn’t right….seriously I could of screamed and kicked it. But we finally got on our walk with the dog in tow, infact I lie, with the dog dragging me along the street.
When we got back I realised just how much of a tip the house was. Anybody who is on my facebook may have seen the picture of what happened to my curtains last night. Anybody who didn’t Evie thought it would be a good idea to swing like tarzan on my living room curtains…She pulled them off the wall. The whole bracket fell down… We tried to fix it last night but we just gave up & left them on the floor. Paperwork is slowly taking over my living room, pjs from this morning were still on the floor, the dog had his blankets everywhere, Evie had toys everywhere, dishes were piled up in the kitchen, left over takeaway boxes covered the worktops, the floors needed hooving…I’ll leave it there, you get the idea.
But anyway that’s us. We may not be stereotypically perfect but is anyone? (If your are please don’t reply, i’d much rather live with the assumption that everybody lives in a total manic, messy, unorganised house)


4 comments on “My not so stereotypically perfect family

  • It’s as if you’re peering in through our living room window and describing my house! (*checks window suspiciously*)
    Thank you so much for sharing this. You’ve made me smile 🙂

  • We have 3 kids one is a beautiful SWAN and you have just described my life….wish I had the trampoline though…we just have ironing mountain!! Kids go to bed, we eat and then collapse on the sofa!!! Our supportive buggy melee me swear everyday!!!! Thanks for making me realise I am normal!!!

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