Feelgood Friday

Published April 27, 2012 by swanfreddie

On Fridays I love nothing more than waking up & reading all the Feelgood Friday posts on the swan uk facebook group. It’s a chance to share something positive/happy/exciting that is happening in our lives. A chance to focus on the positives as sometimes having a disabled child it can be easy to focus on the negative stuff & overlook all the good things that are actually happening.

This week my Feelgood Friday post is about our appointments we had this week. We had 4 –
Community Paed
Wheelchair Centre
Past(Paediatric assessment & support team) meeting
Social worker meeting

They all had good outcomes. I’ve spoken about our new Alvema ito pushchair enough this week so I won’t waffle on about it anymore but & you can read about it here if your interested.

The past meeting was the first time we have got a group of Freddie doctors & therapists together. It was a chance for everybody to know exactly where we are up to & what the plans for the immediate future are. It started with our consultant paed talking about Freddie’s background. The poor man had a lot to read! The list seemed to go on for forever! It’s never nice to hear the problems but for us it was really important that the new people who are involved with Freddie are aware of exactly what is going on. And in fact I even learnt some new stuff(possible heart op in future?!?!?)
I thought the past meeting would be the perfect time to mention the struggles we are having at home with Freddie. His corner seat is no longer suitable. Even when strapped in he manages to lie flat on the floor! I’ve been saying for a few months now that really I need something with wheels. Carrying a 23 month old all over the house isn’t great for the back. I need somewhere safe for him as he can be a big danger to himself. So we are being fitted for a r82 panda chair soon! Which will be fab. I may even be able to cook a decent meal while Freddie is sat safely in his chair in the kitchen with me! We also discussed getting started on statementing Freddie ready for starting his special needs school.
The social worker meeting went equally well. We read through our core assessment & she is proposing that we can have 5 hrs a week respite with a sn childminder. It just needs to go to panel & it  then it will hopefully be agreed.

So that’s my Feelgood Friday for this week. Normally I come out of appointments feeling confused/angry/frustrated/stressed/annoyed but this week they all went pretty well.


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