Wheelchair Centre

Published April 26, 2012 by swanfreddie

A year ago Freddies Occupational Therapist mentioned that when Freddie turned 2 he would be eligible for a new pushchair. (not sure why we had to wait for long as he would of benefited from one before he turned 2) I remember saying to my partner that we would never need a special need pushchair. In a years time surely he would be walking & not need a pushchair still!
But it turns out we did need a pushchair. When we spoke to Freddies occupational therapist last year the pushchair in mind was a Maclaren  Major.

But in the last few months it was becoming more & more apparent that this pushchair wasn’t going to be suitable.
Freddie was currently using a very basic buggy. It was something we bought when Freddie turned 1 to just use for a couple of months until Freddie started walking. Freddie has got to the stage where he hangs out of the pushchair & I have to walk along with it tipped back on it’s back wheels to keep him sitting back in the seat properly. We were also struggling with the fact Freddie still needs an afternoon nap & he would very rarely sleep in his buggy as it had no recline to it so we always had to make sure we were back in the house for 12pm for Freddie to nap. He has pretty long naps, up to 4 hours so we were finding it quite hard to do anything as alot of our day was spent waiting for Freddie to wake up.
We spoke to Freddie’s occupational Therapist about our problems with his buggy & she agreed that he was in need of something with alot more support & comfort. The other option was an Ormesa Bug.
Anyway the appointment date finally came. Our therapist couldn’t make it to the appointment with us so I was a bit nervous that whoever saw Freddie wouldn’t fully understand the problems we were having. But infact she was lovely & instantly dismissed the Maclaren & as they didn’t have any Ormesa bugs in he building for Freddie to test we instead tried out an Alvema ito.
I knew as soon I saw the chair that it would be perfect. But I must admit when Freddie was placed in it I could of easily cried. I just wanted to pick Freddie up & leave the room. I wanted to tell them that our old pushchair would be fine. I knew it wasn’t & this was a silly thought but had it seriously come to this?
Anyway I didn’t do a runner & we carried on, we adjusted it all to fit Freddie & I gave it a little push…It was FAB! It glided along the floor and even tho the chair was heavier than Freddie it felt so light! The wheels went where I wanted them to go & Freddie didn’t slouch or lean over the side…infact he looked so comfortable.
Luckily the pushchair was available for us to take home that same day!  So off we went to take our new pushchair home…infact we weren’t going home, we had to head straight off to our 2nd appointment of the day. A past(paediatric assessment & support team) meeting. We ended up being 15 mintues late & totally soaking wet when we arrived. Not ideal when theres a room of 8 health proffesionals all gathered around a table waiting for you!
So after the meeting we took the chair out for a spin. It was a bit strange. I walked past a shop with a mirrored window. I saw my reflection & it was one of them moments where things sort of dawn on you a bit. I wasn’t just pushing a pushchair anymore, it was obviously a special needs chair.
This might sound a bit ott but I generally think this chair will change our lifes. No more rushing home to put Freddie to bed(if he behaves & decides to sleep in his chair) no more uncomfortable, slouching Freddie & no more sore back for me from pushing a rubbish pushchair. I almost feel like I have a bit of freedom back.




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  • Smiley has had a Bug Buggy (the adult size) for the past 5 years, and it is just the best thing ever…though I’m struggling to persuade the OT people that we need a buggy as well as a wheelchair

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