How incompetent can a hospital be??

Published April 18, 2012 by swanfreddie

Back in February Freddie has a sleep study & eeg scan. It didn’t go particularly well & both me & Freddie had a bit of a stressful time. We got the sleep study results back fairly quickly but the eeg results never came. We have been chasing them since February & we rang the hospital today to remind them we are still waiting.
Now anybody who has had to pin their child down while electrodes are glued to their head knows how horrible it is. It’s not a nice experience for the child or the parent but at least at the end of it you get your results…or at least your supposed to…

When we rang the hospital today it would seem there are no results for Freddie. Nobody really knows what has gone on. To say i’m angry would be an understatement. Freddie screamed when the elecrodes were put on, he screamed when they were removed. He spent over 16 hours with them on his head for nothing. No results. No insight at all in to whats going on with him.
I just totally despair at how incompetent a hospital can be. So now this eeg will need to be redone at some point so poor Freddie will need to go through all of it again.


9 comments on “How incompetent can a hospital be??

  • Ugh, this happens too often. I’m so sorry to hear that. I bet they’ve ended up in someone else’s notes, although someone should have commented on them at the time and you would have thought that would have been done on a computer somewhere. I feel your pain x

  • I know how you feel, my son had an eeg a few weeks ago and screamed as soon as they put the electrodes on his head and I couldnt calm him down, so dissapointing when these hospitals mess up and its not just the one time either is it, its happens quite often. I can probably guess we wont be sent any results. Also a friend of mine had her son do an eeg and no results came back.

  • Thats so awful. We’ve never had the long EEG done, just ones that are an hour or two and they are so stressful. We’ve had 6 done in 8 years. I dread that appointment every time as Grace can’t cope with anyone touching her head. I’m so sorry they have lost the results and notes, I remember at the time how upset you and Freddie had been with the whole study & eeg anyway (being woken every 5 minutes etc). So sorry you are going to have to repeat the process again. As Renata said this happens far too often xx

  • This is ridiculous. I’m sorry to hear they have been so incompetent leaving poor Freddie to go through this again. They are not nice.
    Sarah xx

  • How frustrating. I remember trying to pacify Chrissy with EEGs, repeating ‘no glue, just gel’ like a mantra, as she hated the glue! If they don’t turn up soon perhaps complain & ask for a written explanation/response? It may just focus their minds enough to track down the results x

  • I really feel for you, it is stressful enough that these tests have to be done in the first place without having to go through it all again because of the incompetance of the hospital. Hope you manage to get something sorted soon xx

  • Read this quickly earlier in the week and couldn’t quite believe it. With all the modern technology for sharing files and following results it seems awful that things go missing so often (went through it often during my mam’s cancer) but to lose results of something that was so traumatic to go through in the first place beggars belief. (((Hugs)))

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