Published March 29, 2012 by swanfreddie

2 weeks ago at Freddies last physio session he was being a bit of a monkey & didn’t want to play. He was tired & grumpy & had no concentration so we didn’t really get any physio done. His epilepsy was playing up abit so that may have had an affect on him but I felt really disheartened.

Yesterday at physio was a different story, he was on top form! Physio commented at how happy & relaxed he was. (possibly due to his epilepsy meds being increased) We normally focus alot on work in his standing frame, but hes never really taken that well to it. The hope was he would stand in there for long periods of time but the most we could manage was 5 minutes but even that was a push. He’s now outgrown his current frame so we decided to try something else & get him to stand at the sofa. So with some help our physio sat Freddie on her knee & we put his favorite toy on the sofa & with a big push on his hips she got Freddie stood up, with his torso leaning against the sofa. He need his hips holding throughout but he did so well & he managed a good minute before he needed to rest his legs.

It was great to watch. I’m so proud of him. We have never been given any expections of Freddie. We have never been told he won’t walk or talk it’s just a case of lets wait & see but seeing him yesterday gave me real hope that one day he will! 

I can’t praise his physio enough. Shes fabulous with him. We have been let down alot by other nhs workers but his physio has always offered us so much support. As Freddie isn’t standing or crawling yet she is requesting he be sent for another hip scan to make sure nothing is being missed & also Freddies legs seem to have a mind of their own & constantly jerk & kick the floor so she wants that looking at too. More appointments for us but glad shes helping us to get things looked into. 

Hopefully one day in the future i’ll be blogging tell everyone how my fabulous son is stood at the sofa by himself! 


6 comments on “Physio

  • Well done Freddie. I can tell you from the personal experience I am going through at the moment that physio is hard work, but very important. A good physiotherapist is worth their weight in gold.

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