Letting Go

Published March 14, 2012 by swanfreddie

I wasn’t sure whether watching the BBC1 programme ‘Letting Go’ would be a wise thing to do. Clearly something that would be emotional for any parent with a child with special needs. I decided to give it a go but could barely see the screen for tears and was shaking the whole time.
Hearing other parents speak of their fears & hear how hard they are finding it makes me even more scared for the future. If I could be around for Freddie forever I would but unfortunately nobody knows what the future holds. I’m so scared to think where he would end up if nobody was around to care for him.
Hearing one family talk about the lack of support they get for their daughter made me so emotional. Hearing them say that “It seems the right outside support & care that indepant living requires only comes when there is a clear medical diagnosis” made me feel sick. What if Freddie never gets a diagnosis does this mean that he won’t be able to access enough care appropriate for his needs? Will he be left to struggle with everyday life?
Freddie might only be 21 months & there a possibility that he may never live to be old enough to need to leave home but if he does I hope by then the system has changed & there is enough support in place to do children like Freddie justice. The amount of fighting that parents have to do for their children is ridiculous and so draining & it’s about time appropriate measures were in place to make the process easier for everyone involved.


One comment on “Letting Go

  • I watched it too and agree with your comments. It was difficult to watch. I do not allow myself to think too much into the future. I have witnessed first hand how elderly people are treated in this country, I had to fight many a battle with the system just to get basic care for my Mother and now I see my Daughter having to fight battles for my Granddaughter. One thing I am certain of we must keep getting our stories out there and keep on shouting until our voices are heard and changes have to be made.

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