Defining Normal

Published March 11, 2012 by swanfreddie

Like many special needs parents our house is begining to be over run with specialist equipment. After 21 months of seeing it all it just blends in. It’s normal. The meds, tubes, pump, syringes, bottles, milk, creams, chairs, bibs, specs, physio equipment, splints its all just normal. Possibly to other people who visit it us it isn’t but for us it’s so normal that it’s not a big deal anymore. Sometimes I even question if Freddies issues are really that bad as he is so normal to me.
One thing that other people may look at & think we are definatly not normal is our red box. It is what we take with us wherever we go. It hold all Freddies meds & bit & pieces that he needs. Epilim, Clobazam, Domperidone, Omeparole, Gaviscon, Movicol, Calpol, Neocate Active, teething gel & sachets, E45 cream, cooled boiled water, Hyoscine patches, Hydrocortisone cream, Toothbrush & paste, 2x thumb splints, syringes for meds, syringes for mic key button water change & feeding tube.
We keep everything in this box so that when we do have to go out we don’t have to spend ages gathering everything together. We then normally take another bag with nappies, wipes, spare clothes, alot of spare bibs, puree jar & feeding bib & glasses case. And another bag with feeding pump, giving set & spare mic-key button.

This box has lived on my kitchen worktop since Freddie was tiny. A normal everyday sight in my house, but for the majority of other people the site of so many meds could be a little daunting.

I do think we are in need of new snazzy meds box tho. Our red box is just an old celebrations choc tub. Maybe it’s time to update it a bit.

I have written this post as part of the #definenormal blogging challenge at

6 comments on “Defining Normal

  • Thanks for sharing this. You’re right, it looks daunting when you’re not used to it. I’m finding out through this blog hop how much more organised many special needs parents have to be than other people (parents or no).
    Personally I think using an old celebrations tub for this is perfect – everyone tries to find a use for old tubs like that rather than throw them out. We keep dog biscuits in ours, you keep meds in yours, it’s different, but it’s all normal 🙂

  • people refer to my house as ‘the pharmacy’ – I keep the spare meds in the same cupboard as our drinking glasses and many people have been stunned/shocked/rendered speechless when they open the cupboard. To us, it’s normal. Not just normal, essential. Just us. x

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