Back to the hospital

Published February 27, 2012 by swanfreddie

Following on from my last post about Freddie being ill things got worse. We ended up back on the childrens ward the next day. Freddie just would not stop screaming & i was beginning to get so worried about him.
We got to the assessment unit at 12.30. The doctor who saw him the previous day could not work out why he would still be so distressed & with him still vomiting she decided another night in hospital would be best so he could be monitored.
As the night progress Freddie was hysterical. I spent 2 hours trying to console him. Not a single nurse came in to see if he was ok, despite the fact the screaming could be heard clearly from the corridoor.  After 2 hours of comforting i was exhausted so i went to the nurses station & asked for someone to look at him. 30 mins later somebody finally arrived. How the nurses could leave a boy with all the problems Freddie has crying for that long is ridiculous. By the time they arrived the poor boy was so exhausted he had finally fell asleep.
The next morning we woke up to more of the same. We asked countless times for medication to ease his pain but it took them 4.5  hours to bring anything for him, his screaming was ignored all day & nobody seemed bothered by him. The whole point in us being in hospital was so they could monitor him but nobody came to us unless we went to them.
He went on to have seziures in his sleep & pauses in his breathing of up to 10 seconds (something we had previously mentioned to doctors but this was the first time a doctor had seen it & she was listening to his chest when it happened) i would expect more concern from them over this but she said it could just be something quirky that Freddie does! I already wake up everymorning dreading going into Freddie incase something awful has happened overnight, that is made 1000 times worse now my fear of him stopping breathing is confirmed.
I just despair at the care the nhs provided to us. We have enough to deal with on a daily basis without being let down when we really need help.
We bought him home yesterday but hes still no better, but just glad hes at home. Hes barely had any food all week so his weight is dropping rapidly, which when you have spent 20 months trying to build up isn’t ideal. The idea today was to slowly pump feed him milk but that came back up. So he went back on water & dioralyte all afternoon. Just hope he can get back to his normal self soon. I miss him so much.


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