In a weird way we are really lucky

Published February 24, 2012 by swanfreddie

We’ve had a very good winter. Freddie’s had no major illnesses, just a couple of colds. They last longer than they should but he has coped well with them. We are lucky really, when Freddie was born we were told he would struggle with the winters & probably end up seriously ill. Tuesday he became poorly & still isn’t feeling better but it could be much worse.

Tuesday morning started with me going to get Freddie out of bed & finding him covered in sick. He seemed happy enough in himself so i just put it down to bad reflux. He slowly went downhill throughout the day, 1st showing no interest in food & then he started being sick. By bedtime he was keeping no food down & he had really bad diarrhea. After alot of pj & bed sheet changes he slept through the night.

5.30am on Wednesday he woke up very sad. I tried slowly pumping some milk into him but it came back up, as did all his meds. I spent the rest of the day just pumping water into him to stop him from dehyrating.  This carried on throughout the day along with bad diarrhea. He was very lethargic & wouldn’t stop crying.  I started to worry about him & the fact he wasn’t keeping his epilepsy meds down so i booked him in for an emergency doctors app. She told us to carry on as we are with pumping the water into him & if he gets any worse then go to a&e. We did managed another night at home but he woke up alot throughout the night.

The next morning he was no better. The crying was really beginning to worry me. If he wasn’t asleep he was screaming. I rang the doctors again & requested a call back from our gp, his advice was to carry on with water & bring him to doctors if we were worried. We tried to carry on at home but by 9.30pm he was really bad. Vomiting, diarrhea, shaking, screaming, vacant & lethargic. We decided we were best to get him check out so we grabbed Evie out of bed & down to a&e we went.

The waiting room was rammed & there was a 2 hour wait. Freddie was screaming & it felt like the whole room was staring at me. Luckily as he was so distressed they moved him to the top of the list so the wait wasn’t to bad.
The doctor said he had what looked like an upper respiratory infection & decided to keep him in overnight as he was looking dehydrated. By the time we moved to the ward it was 1.30am & he’d had 3 very bad nappies. I finally got him to sleep after lots of crying & managed to grab a few hours myself. Not easy to sleep though when a nurse comes in every hour to put water down his tube. He was up again at 5.30am screaming, he kept this up for a good hour until he went back to sleep until 8am.

The doctor checked him out at 9am & we said we would be happy to take him home as we have all the equipment in place to care for him & we felt that he would be happier in his own environment. After a 2.5 hour wait for them to prescribe some dioralyte(No idea why it took them so long!) we took a totally exhausted little boy home.
When we got home & i hooked him up to his feeding pump & put him to bed. He woke up after a few hours and we had cuddles for a little bit but he was still very sad & screamy. Hopefully over the next few days he will start feeling a lot better & get that little smile back. I’ve missed seeing his smiley little face!

Even though hes had a bad few days we are lucky really as hes not been as bad as the doctors predicted we are gaining more & more confident in dealing with him at home. Also i’d like to add that his big sister has been a total star the whole time. Her mummy & daddy time has been even less than normal over the past few days & even though she got dragged out of her bed to sit in the hospital for a few hours she never moaned once.


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