Sleep study

Published February 9, 2012 by swanfreddie

Last night Freddie had his first sleep study. In my head we would go in to a room, hook him up to the machines & we would just be left to sleep until the morning. It ended up being a bit of a nightmare.

We arrived at 3.30pm & they started an eeg study on Freddie. They glued all the electrodes to Freddies head, much to his annoyance, and explained that they would be back at 8pm to set him up for the sleep study. We spoke to a respiratory nurse who explained she would come back at 10am to explain the results to us(which we were made up about as we weren’t expecting to get them the next day!)
So Freddie changed into his pjs and we had a bit of a play while we waited.

Freddie got really tired at 6pm & was struggling to stay awake so i put him down to sleep. But realised where they had glued the electrodes to his head they had tangled his glasses in them so he had to try & sleep with him glasses on. He spent from 6pm – 7pm screaming! When he finally dropped off i managed to grab something to eat & chill for an hour before the lady came to hook him up the sleep study machines at 8pm.

Freddie woke up as soon as she began hooking him up & he was super sad. It got even worse when she put nasal prongs up his nose. He spent another good hour screaming before he fell back to sleep.

I finally got into bed & had just laid down when a nurse came in to check if we were ok. The nurse spoke so loudly that Freddie woke up again! Another 15 mins of screaming & he finally went back to sleep & i joined him.
We got woken up just before midnight by the same nurse who seemed to think they had forgotten to hook Freddie up to the sats monitor. So they faffed around hooking him up to this & ended up waking him up again which meant more screaming. Finally back to sleep & the sats monitor goes off & it was LOUD! Right down Freddies ear. So more screaming! Then back to sleep again but this damn nurse kept coming in & he insisted on putting the main light on everytime which kept waking both me & Freddie!

Morning finally came, me & Freddie were both knackered but got up & dressed & sat waiting for the results. Andy & Evie arrived at 10am. At 11am the nurse came to room & told us we could leave now…we explained that we had been waiting for the results that we were told we were getting. She went off to see what was going on & came back with another nurse. She told us that they don’t give out results the day after & they are not even sure that Freddies study would of been good enough as he didn’t sleep for long enough.(HE WOULD OF IF IT WASN’T FOR THAT NURSE!)

So now we are back home. I’ve rang our respiratory doctor & she won’t be looking at the results until Tuesday. So no idea if it showed anything or if we need to have it done again. Andy booked 2 days off work unpaid, we paid 8 tunnel fares & did 4 hours of driving for that.


5 comments on “Sleep study

  • Poor little guy, and momma 😦 our first sleep study we ended up in ER because Kai freaked out so bad. They convinced us to do it again and it was a total wast of time. He barely slept at all. Hope you guys are getting some rest today. Freddie is so cute!

  • oh no how horrible to put you through that , a sleep study where you dont get to have SLEEP silly stuip nurse hope your all ok and feeling much better now xxxxxxxxxxxx

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