#Special Saturday – Coping with Father Christmas

Published December 16, 2011 by swanfreddie

As Freddies to young for christmas to affect him i’m going to change it a bit to how am i going to cope!

I’ve always loved Christmas and since having my 2 babies it’s made it so much more exciting. I love buying all the presents and the wrapping and being all happy and jolly. But it is hard to enjoy it quite as much as i’d like.
Me and Evie like to snuggle up on the sofa with our hot chocs and watch a christmassy film . We do lots of christmas arts and crafts and we open our advent calenders and read Christmas stories but trying to include Freddie in this is so hard.
Thanks to someones fab idea on swan i made him a sensory advent calender. It was nice to have an alternative to a chocolate advent calender and to help him to get some sort of understand of what was going on around him. That was about as involved in the Christmas build up as Freddie has been. We did go to see Santa but he had no clue as to what was going on & i even forgot to take his picture with Santa as i was so busy trying to get one of my daughter with him 😦 Big example of how much i feel i sometimes i overlook Freddie. In situation like that where Evie understands it more she gets all the attention.
Christmas is being spent in my parents this year with all the family 🙂 Not going to be able to take all of Freddie’s equipment with me so i won’t be able to bath him properly so it will be flannel washes all week and not sure how i’m going to cope with out his little chair! His sitting has gone really bad again. Today he managed 5/10 seconds but then just let himself fall (My back is aching from constantly sitting him back up) My partner is leaving me at my parents for a week over Christmas as he has to go back home to work – just hoping i will manage having Freddie in a different environment on my own. It’s hard enough to cope at home.
I think the main think i know i’m going to struggle with is the whole present situation. When he was born i always wanted him to be a proper little boy. He was going to have the best toy garage! I was going to buy him it for his 1st birthday but he wasn’t even picking up toys let alone able to play with a garage. So his birthday past & i thought never mind it will go on the Christmas list…but it’s still WAY out of his development range. He still really struggles with holding things in his hands but he tries very hard bless him.
I’m going to enjoy Christmas as much as i can but watching my boy not tucking into a big Christmas dinner or opening presents or running around all excited will be hard but i will enjoy it as best i can and try and make both my babies days extra special.


Merry Christmas all xx


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