#Special Saturday – Communication

Published November 25, 2011 by swanfreddie

So Freddie and communicating were not 2 words I would of used together.

When I initially saw this weeks Special Saturday topic I thought I wouldn’t bother as Freddie doesn’t communicate.  He doesn’t talk, he doesn’t babble, he doesn’t point to objects that he wants or even do something as simple as laughing. But I suppose in his own way he does try to communicate.

To start with he smiles. But it’s not just any old smile its the most heart melting smile ever. That smile to me is the way i know my boy is happy and content. His smile makes me smile.

Secondly he blows raspberries. He will happily blow these all day long. When its nappy change, milk time, puree time, play time, bed time…blowing raspberries is what Freddie does when hes happy.

And finally the last way he communicates is by a very loud shout. When hes upset he doesn’t cry…not sure why but he doesn’t seem to be able to cry properly but instead he almost screams over and over.  This is how he tells me that hes sad or hurting.

So Freddie might be 18 months old and doesn’t  know his own name or babble, or point to an object, or say mama or dada, or string words together, he might not follow any instructions or understand the meaning of any words and he might not be able to laugh and find things funny but in his own little way he communicates.

We have seen SALT a few times and they have told us that Freddie appears to have little understanding of his world so they don’t expect him to start talking anytime soon. They have suggested baby sign classes for him which we are waiting to start and to try basic makaton at home. We try to do signs for milk and food but he doesn’t look at us very often so its hard to do it with him.

My biggest struggle with his communication is how other people will deal with him. From a simple smile or shout i know what he needs. But other people don’t understand him. When out and about in public  people will smile and wave at him and say hello and I feel so awkward when he doesn’t even acknowledge they are there.  I find I dread other people trying to communicate with him.

Hopefully one day he will learn to communicate as a child should do but for now a smile, a raspberry and a shout are Freddies special little ways of telling me how he feels.

Little video of Freddie communicating whilst playing


One comment on “#Special Saturday – Communication

  • Bless him – it’s a start! And he is managing the basic things – happy and sad! That’s a triumph in itself.

    Thanks for another honest post Hayley. It is hard. I remember someone trying to talk to Hugh and he didn’t turn to look. They started waving their hands in front of his face and he didn’t even blink. I didn’t know what to do so I pretended I hadn’t noticed. It was horrible!

    Makaton and baby signing are great ideas to learn. We’ve been told to try objects of reference and on body signing as communication tools.

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