#Special Saturday – Christmas gifts

Published November 7, 2011 by swanfreddie

Buying Freddie presents for Christmas this year has been hard. Last year i hadn’t quite realised to the extent his developmental delay was going to affect him & i bought him toys that were way above his ability. Even simple toys like the push & go cars where he only has to push a button for the car to go were way to hard for him. So we have a big box of toys in his bedroom waiting to be played with.

This year i found quite hard. All the toys i was looking at were in the from birth age range. This made me feel really scared to think that he was that far behind. As Freddie doesn’t pick up toys properly yet i needed toys that could be batted at or spinned, his favourite thing to do. Any toy that can be spinned goes down well with Freddie!
I’m far to organised when it comes to christmas & started buying in February! Freddies sisters pile of presents got bigger & bigger but i really struggled with Freddie. I have managed to find him 7 presents i think he will like. His main one is a sensory ball pit as he loves batting at balls. I also got him a music maker toy from ELC, a Tesco little steps activity centre which has a big roller at the front, a train with some blocks on the back, a Fisher Price laugh & learn clock, Fisher price sing along stage which has a big mirror for him to sit & look in & a playskool gears set which has lots of bits for him to spin! Im also hoping to buy him a few sensory toys to encourage him to hold things in his hands & a new light for his sensory room.
I do feel awful that his sister will have piles of presents & Freddie will have a few but it just seems such a waste of money to buy him things that he won’t use. I’d do anything to be able to buy him a big car garage or a football with a net & watch him kicking a ball around outside but what will be will be & i’m going to try my best to not think about what his presents should be like & just enjoy the day as best we can & appreciate him for who he is.


One comment on “#Special Saturday – Christmas gifts

  • hello i feel the same at mo , never bothered me any other year but now he is getting older its harder he will be 5 in jan but still plays with baby toys so its so hard to find things that we dont already have xxxxxxx i am sure we will have a good xmas anyway and he doesnt no any differant i just think its how i feel more xxxxxx

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